Thailand has over 70 languages, and we consider Bangkok dialect as the standard language.

지원언어 : 태국어 - 원스탑코리아

Thailand has many minority groups, resulting in many dialects accordingly.
Official ‘Thai’ language is defined as the Central or Thai dialect.

Though Thailand is the only country that officially uses Thai, countries nearby have linguistic similarities to Thai.Lao and Thai are similar enough to be considered the same and can be communicated using each language, and they share their official terminologies and advanced vocabularies.

Furthermore, Cambodian and Burmese languages are similar to Thai as well.There are 5 different types of expressions and titles in the Thai language, and it is difficult to translate and use them correctly since the usage is different depending on the position or job of the target audience. 1-StopKorea is in close cooperation with 1STOPTHAI to produce a high-quality professional translation in Thai.

Depending on the purpose and the usage of the source text, we will match a professional Thai translator to reflect appropriate expressions and tones and have editor compare with the source text to fit the purpose for the target.

1-StopKorea will do its best to offer a reasonable price and the highest quality service.
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