Payment Information

  • Step 1 - 견적 문의

    Request for a Quote

    Please send us the document that you wish to have translated when you request a quote.

    * 32MB이상일 경우 메일 보낸 후 연락주세요.
  • Step 2 - 견적 상담

    Consultation for the Quote

    A person in charge of your case (PIC) will consult via phone to identify your needs.

  • Step 3 - 견적서 확인

    Checking the Quote Estimate

    After a consultation, the PIC will deliver a quote in the email.

  • Step 4 - 결제


    If the delivery of the required fees is confirmed or if the advance payment may not be available, please issue a tax invoice and let us know when the transaction will be done in advance so that translation can start to proceed.

    Deposit Without Bankbook KB국민은행 853801-04-122934 [1-StopKorea]
    Payment by Card Please contact the Customer Service if you wish to make a payment by card.

Information on Estimated Translation Cost

Cost Per Page X Number of Pages (= words/character-based rate X pages/character) = Quote Estimates

장수 계산 Chinese 중국어 Japanese 일본어 Chinese,Japanese 600words/page English 영어 Germany 독일어 French 프랑스어 English,German,French 250words/page Korean 한국어 Korean 800words/page Others 기타 언어 Other Languages inquire separately
  1. The price of every task is calculated based on the source text.
  2. The above is a standard example per page, and the actual quote is based on pages/character.
  3. Please inquire separately about other languages.
Other Concerns
  1. Partial discounts may apply depending on the volume and the difficulty of the document.
  2. Additional fees may be incurred if a translation is required to be completed in urgent.

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