As one of the official languages of UN, the French language is used by 300 million people in 57 countries throughout the world as either the official language or an administrative language.

The French language is used as one of the official languages in a total of 29 countries including France, and it is used with particular people in particular settings in several countries in the Middle East, the Eastern Europe, and the Indochinese peninsula.

The French language distinguishes the gender (masculine/feminine) and the numbers (singular/plural), the conjugation of verbs are complex depending on the subject, and the tense and grammar are diverse compared to other languages.

Depending on the regions there are different types of French languages which are standard French Language, Belgian French, and Canadian French.

Though the standard French only differs in a subtle amount in pronunciation and accents from the Belgian French, there are huge differences in the vocabularies of the two languages Aside from Europe, the French language is widely used in Canada, where 85% of French speaker in North America reside in Quebec, but there are differences in vocabularies and pronunciation from the standard French.

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