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Through our unique process, 1-StopKorea takes the responsibility of the quality assurance for translated documents.

With our in-house translators, 1-StopKorea can quickly respond to clients’ requests, and specialized teams per each process provide high-quality services through systemized translation, editing, and proof reading processes.

  • Basic Course

    Basic Course

    As it is a basic document translation course, it is mostly applied to internal document check.
    We recommend this if you wish to check simple emails or documents.

  • Advanced Course

    Advanced Course

    After it is processed as the way as Basic Course, it is a course which translators who are native speakers with experiences in relevant fields will confirm if the purpose and field of the original text had been translated appropriately for the 2nd time. We recommend this if you wish to translate specialized fields such as medical, pharmaceutical, or patents and external projects.

  • Optional Layout Course

    Optional Layout Course

    As this course is recommended for fields that require layout edit and design or custom layout, it is a tailored course to deliver in the format the client desires.

    *Additional time may be required to complete the task.

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