English is a native language in 6 countries and one of the official languages in 50 countries, and it is a global language used by roughly 2 billion people, which is about a third of the world population.

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English is appointed as the official language in not only states meeting between countries but also international commercial and trade activities, and international conferences. Also, it is used as the official language in scientific technologies and academic fields.Because English is used throughout various places in the world, numerous dialects have been developed.

Typical examples are American English and British English; there are different from each other in their grammar and also in vocabulary, pronunciation, accents, and spelling, so that the same work made be published into these two different English versions.Excluding certain pronunciations, Canadian English has many similarities to English spoken in the U.S., so American and Canadian Englishesare grouped and referred to as the ‘North American English.’ Due to geographic isolation Australia has its own dialect though British immigrants had been speaking British English.

African American English is a dialect differing in pronunciation and has many similarities to Latin American English used by Central and South Americans.Because spelling and grammar may differ depending on the region even when they are still English, it is crucial that translators have accurate knowledge of the regional English where the translated text will be used.

Professional translators in 1-StopKorea have education and career backgrounds from diverse regions, so they are able to fluently reproduce regional dialects.

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