The Arabic languages are used as either the native language or one of the official languages in 22 countries located in the Southwestern Asia and North Africa regions, and they are used as the religious language for 130 million Muslims around the world.

The Arabic languages are among the 6 official languages of UN, and it is considered as one of the world’s major languages along with Chinese and English with the most population using it.

The Arabic languages are classified into the ‘written Arabic’ in official settings and the ‘spoken Arabic’ in daily life and used accordingly.

Considered to be the standard Arabic, the ‘written Arabic’ is similar to the traditional Arabic languages but is in a more simplified form for people to study and learn from schools. It is only used in limited settings such as Quran recitals, documentations, and news reports.

The ‘spoken Arabic’ is not recorded in writing but rather used only in conversations, so there are a lot of differences between each dialect throughout the wide region.

Professional translators must have a total command of both the ‘written Arabic’ for official documentation and the ‘spoken Arabic’ for conversations to proficiently translate the Arabic languages.

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