Russian has a high status in international organizations such as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and UN, and it is a language in the top 8 for the native speakers with 105,000,000 people throughout the world.

As one of the official languages in UN, it acts as the 1st foreign language among various ethnic groups in European countries including Russia itself.

Russian is a unique language that may be interpreted in diverse ways with the same words depending on the order of a constructed sentence. In other words, the order of the Russian language may vary depending on the intention of a speaker or a writer.

Because the order of words is not fixed and diverse expressions may be produced with the same word making it a very free language, a translator must know that there may be a hidden intention behind each sentence depending on the word order.Professional translators must be careful of these characteristics of Russian that may cause many errors during the translation.

They must translate accordingly to fit with the purpose and flow of the source text by revealing the hidden intent behind the sentences.The Russian language translation team in 1-StopKorea is comprised of professional translators who have long-time experiences in Russia for study or work, and they have a total command of the language, and they can translate Russian in diverse fields by having established translation manuals about Russian based on their long field experiences.

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