Translation Fields

150 full-time professional translators, technicians, and staffs from 10 countries in the world work together for our projects.


A medical/pharmaceutical field is a specialized field that requires accurate translation from a professional translator with a relevant degree and field experience.

Because field-specific technical terminologies relate to the lives of people are translated, a medical/pharmaceutical translator must have medical/pharmaceutical knowledge in both source and target languages and understand the usage of those terms.
The requests for translation such as clinical and research reports, manual for medical equipment, and medical thesis for overseas treatments, patients, and clients from foreign countries have been increasing.

1-StopKorea selects professional translators from medical and pharmacy schools to provide a high-quality service to meet the clients’ needs.

  • Diagnosis and prescription
  • Information on hospitals and clinics
  • Hospital websites
  • Clinical test reports
  • Manual of medical equipments
  • Biochemical Documents
  • Pharmaceutical Research Records
  • Introduction to Healthy Diet
  • Medical/pharmaceutical papers from overseas
  • Research result reports
  • Documents Related to Psychiatry
  • Various Materials
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