Translation Fields

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In the field of economy/finance, though language aptitude for translating is crucial as it relates to finances very often, a translator must also have professional knowledge in the relevant field and a good understanding of the economy and financial market trends.

The translators must be able to adapt to rapid changes in the global economy and be aware of the overall trends, and this field of translation requires a format to meet the purpose of the source text and careful selection of translated words.

1-StopKorea provides professional translation services through professional translators with a degree in relevant fields and experiences in accounting or finance, and we also classify this field into a specialized field and manage by a high-quality assurance system.

  • Financial product descriptions
  • Marketable securities reports
  • Documents related to insurance
  • Business license
  • Final accounts reports
  • Financial statements
  • Corporate analysis reports
  • Investment reports
  • Stock/Financial product descriptions
  • Bonds of loan
  • Various documents
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