Translation Fields

150 full-time professional translators, technicians, and staffs from 10 countries in the world work together for our projects.


Media (video) translation services are a field that puts great emphasis on not only accurate translation services but technical aspects.

Accurate translation services and translation of wording from cultural differences are a must, and it is a professional field to provide translation through technologies by understanding video systems and identifying the client’s needs.

1-StopKorea’s media translation services are provided by professional translators of 1-STOPMEDIA who are a team of media translators with extensive experience.

The professional media translation team provides smooth and high-quality translation services in consideration for the genre of contents and the target country

  • Subtitle translation and dubbing
  • Synopsis and scripts
  • Recreation of screeners and trailers
  • Mastering
  • Format conversion
  • Subtitle designs and producing burn-ins
  • Dubbing and M/E separation
  • Production of advertisement videos for foreign markets
  • Leaflet designs and printing
  • Poster resizing
  • Banner production
  • Other Translation Services Related to Media
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