Translation Fields

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Sport is a field that applies to various international events such as Olympic or World Cup, and arts is a field with a broad spectrum ranging from paintings to musicals and plays.

To translate the field of sports, translators must be knowledgeable about the rules and history of each sport, and they must provide translation services to meet with the characteristics of each international event.
The field of arts requires a careful selection of words based on the understanding of the context and flow to prevent the loss of the original intention of the source text.

In 1-StopKorea, we have various in-house professional translators with experiences to provide translation services to meet with the contextual flow and expression.

  • Manuals on product related to a sport
  • Papers on sports
  • Document related to training methods
  • Manuals for a competition
  • Interpretation and translation services for international competitions
  • Artist interviews
  • Introduction of artist’s work
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Document related to musicals and plays
  • Other fields
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